Jon Dyer

    Host: On the Move with Jon


    Favourite Christian Music:
    • Imperials
    • Skillet
    • Dark Horse 

    Favourite Bible Verse:

    Person Who Influenced My Walk With Christ:
    • My Parents

    Favourite Television Show:
    • Life
    • NCIS
    • Bones
    • CSI 

    Favourite Fast Food:
    • Wendy's

    Favourite Dessert:
    • When I do eat dessert it's apple pie!

    Favourite Free Time Activity:
    • Photography
    • Hunt Deer (in season)
    • Travel
    • Radio Production
    • Knit... I'm kidding! 

    Something Most People Don't Know About Me:
    • I sleep with  a teddy bear.  My daughter gave it to me - alright?! :)



    Let's Go Blue Jays!!!